June 10 - July 31, 2001

Half-way point, somewhere in Kansas. Yeah!
Another steaming hot day with an outside temperature
of 43 degrees C (108 degrees F).


Thank God for shadow and occasional cold drinks!
Steve and Dave finding their way out of a corn-field.


Entering Missouri.
240 (someone counted) rolling hills in ONE day!


The only rainy day on the trip, in Illinois (if I recall correctly)
Doing some extra laps in a velodrome in the outskirts
Susan, Steve, Nick, Dave and Hunter.
of Indianapolis.


Somewhere in Indiana or Ohio.
Me petting an amish horse. Unfortunately you're not allowed
to take pictures of the amish people.


In front of a farm in Ohio.
Everybody getting together at the local root beer stand.


On a hayroll somewhere in the state of New York.
At a bike museum.
Imagine doing the cross-country
ride on a bike like this?!


The "Team Leisure" groupe relaxing at a cafe,
Showing off our original sun-tan.
in upstate New York.
Susan, Nick, Polly, Steve and me.


Entering New Hampshire, our final state to cross.
We made it!
Dave, Steve and me sticking together to the bitter end.


What a great feeling!
The three musketeers!


Me and my room-mates for the trip, Polly and Susan.
All the way across to the Atlantic ocean!

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