June 10 - July 31, 2001

During my summerbreak in 2001 I somehow ended up doing a trancontinental bike ride across the US. It was organized by a fully-supported bicycle touring company called America by bicycle. On their webpage a more detailed description of the tour and an itinerary will be found. The tour started in San Francisco, CA and endend 52 days (including 5 rest days) later in Portsmouth, NH. We were about 40 people who made it all the way across the country, but more people accompanied us to do parts of it.

All together we biked through 13 states and logged about 6400 km (biketransportation in towns and detours included). The longest day was about 200 km and the shortest 80 km. The highest point was Monarch pass (11 312 feet/3427 meters) in the Rocky mountains, CO.

Read more about the ride on Polly's webpage, Jeremy's webpage and Hunt & Allison's webpage.

Our route across the continent ;
California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas,
Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire.


I arrived in California a couple of days before the tour
During these days I warmed my legs up in the numerous
started to get well-rested and adjusted to the new time zone.
hills of San Francisco.


From up here SF looks almost flat?!
The group posing together the first day of the ride.


Dipping the rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean.
Steve, Dave, me and Andy meeting for the first time.
It will be quite a struggle before the front wheel gets dipped...


My friend Ron from San Diego, who kept me company in San
Dave, Jocelyn, Steve, me and Nick climbing the Sierra Nevadas.
Francisco and got me ready for the ride.


On the other side of the mountainridge, going down to the
The first day of desert riding.
Nevada desert.


Nick, Dave and Steve exploring the moon-like scenery.
Steve and Dave on the I-80 shoulder.


Steve fixing a flat while Dawn comes riding by.
Dave is cheering along while stretching his legs.


Our SAG-stop... too damn hot to be outside the van.
One of the few flowers in desert.


Fixing flats can be a welcome break from
Me in Nevada.
the monotonous cycling.
  Note the snow on the mountains in the background.


Me on the interstate shoulder with rumble strips.
Steve and Dave going in to Wendover, Utah.


Me, Dave, Polly and Susan heading towards the flattest section    
of this trip AND of the world.
Salty flats.