June 10 - July 31, 2001

Me on salty flats.
Steve, Dave and me setting a new speed-record.
Feels almost like biking on icy snow


Me, Dave and Steve in "Lucky Luke-land"
Greg, our bike mechanic, relaxing
in the shadow.


Me early in the morning in Utah.
Dave and me getting all excited about the down-hill
in front of us.


Strange looking mountains.
SAG-stop under the intersate, on a much hotter day
than it looks like on this picture.


Visiting a national park called
Cool landscape!


Entering Colorado.
Some kind of festival going on as we arrive in
Me, Susan, Dave, Polly and Steve.
Montrose, CO.


Black Canyon. Spectacular mountains.
Colorado monument. Another national park.


A water reservoir in the Rocky mountains.
Steve and Dave early in the morning
as we're climbing the Rockies.


Me, Dave and Steve at Monarch Pass (11 312 feet/3448 meters).
On the other side of the continental divide.


A glorious morning, once again.
A bunch of people snacking and refilling bottles.


Me, Marianna (an old friend from my exchange year in Brazil)
and her friend Stephanie drove down from
outside of Colorado Springs.
Denver, CO, to spend the restday with me.


At the world's highest suspension bridge,
Riding in one pace-line, celebrating 4th of July.
Hangs 1,053 feet (320 meters) above the Arkansas River.