May 29, 2005

Everything you need for an Ironman race... a bike and a competitor.



My bicycle parked in the transition area the night before the race.
Chrisse and her "special needs" bag.



Sofia, getting hydrated at 5 am.
Irongirls - Anna, Sofia and Chrisse.


The last yawn before the sunrise and racestart.
Right before the swimstart. Quite emotional with all the
swimmers, spectators and helicopters.


And off we go. 1200 people fighting in the water for 3.8 km.
Swim halfway-point.


Finally done with the swimsection, only 180 km to go on the bike
Transition area.
and another 42 km by foot... "nearly there"...


The second female racefinisher and local pro, Fernanda Keller.
A happy and smiling Chrisse running along in the swedish