May 22-31, 2005

"Sitio machado longo", where we stayed during the week
Chrisse, Dona Cleuza, me and Sofia with the Swedish flag,
of Ironman Brazil.

which Dona Cluiza and her husband had prepared for us.


Chrisse and Sofia performing physical and
The girls getting ready for a run around the block.
mental preparations a couple of nights before
the race.


Sofia and Chrisse on the bike and run racecourse.
Chrisse and me checking out one of the beaches in the area.


Sofia and me trying to squezee in to our
well-fitted wetsuites.


Chrisse making new friends and getting
Me, Sofia and Chrisse in front of a Mormaii-
aquinted with the local, exotic animals.


Me and one of my brazilian friends, Daniela, who lives in
Daniela, me, Chrisse and Sofia on the beache while doing an
island excursion.